Dinner Sushi


Seaweed Salad $8.50
with Sesame oil

Yellowtail Sashimi Special $12.50
Sliced fresh yellowtail on a bed of greens with jalapeno, and a citrus yuzu sauce.

Ohana Tuna Poke $12.50
Diced Tuna & Veggies with Spicy Shoyu

Sushi and Sashimi

QUAIL EGG (Uzura)  Sushi $4.50, Sashimi $6.00

MACKEREL (Saba)  Sushi $6.50, Sashimi $8.00

SWEET OMELETTE  Sushi $5.50, Sashimi $7.00

SWEET TOFU (Inari)  Sushi $5.50, Sashimi $7.00

SMELT ROE (Masago)  Sushi $6.00, Sashimi $7.50

SURF CLAM (Hokkigai)  Sushi $6.50, Sashimi $8.00

PRAWN (Ebi)  Sushi $6.50, Sashimi $8.50

ALBACORE (White Tuna)  Sushi $6.50, Sashimi $8.50

WHITE FISH (Shiromi)  Sushi $6.50, Sashimi $8.50

FLYING FISH ROE (Tobiko)  Sushi $6.50, Sashimi $8.50     Your choice of regular, citrus or wasabi flavored.

TUNA (Maguro)  Sushi $7.50, Sashimi $9.50

SALMON (Sake)  Sushi $7.00, Sashimi $9.00

YELLOWTAIL (Hamachi)  Sushi $7.00, Sashimi 9.00

EEL (Unagi)  Sushi $6.50, Sashimi $9.00

SCALLOP (Hotate)  Sushi $7.50, Sashimi $9.50

SALMON ROE (Ikura)  Sushi $8.50, Sashimi $10.50

OCTOPUS (Tako)  Sushi $6.50, Sashimi $8.50

SWEET SHRIMP (Amaebi) – Sushi $8.50, Sashimi $10.50

UNI (Sea Urchin) – Sushi $8.50, Sashimi $10.50



All rolls can be altered to your specifications, an additional charge may be assessed upon sushi chef’s direction. Cream cheese can be added to any roll for an additional $1.00 per roll.

Cucumber Roll (Kappa Maki) $5.50

Tuna or Salmon Roll (Tekka or Sake Maki) $6.50

Kiana Roll $6.50
Choice of Tamago or Avocado with Soy Paper

Veggie Roll $7.50
Yamagobo (pickled carrot), Kaiware (sprouts), Avocado, Cucumber, Takuwan (pickled radish)

California Roll $8.50
Krab, Avocado, Masago

Crunchy Roll $8.00
Spicy Mayo, Crunchy (tempura flakes), Masago (smelt roe) topped with shrimp

Belltown Roll $8.50
Fresh Salmon, Cucumber, Avocado,Masago

Spicy Tuna Roll $8.50
Spicy Tuna, Cucumber, Kaiware (sprouts)

Aloha Roll $8.50
Scallop, Krab, Avocado, Masago (smelt roe)

Da Kine Roll $8.00
Tempura Shrimp with Eel Sauce

Eel Roll $9.00
Eel, Cucumber, Avocado with Eel Sauce

Chizuko Roll $10.50
Tempura Shrimp, Cucumber, Avocado, Kaiware (sprouts), Masago (smelt roe)

King & I Roll $12.50
Salmon, Avocado, Eel, Krab, Cream Cheese, Crunchy (tempura flakes), Wrapped in Thinly Sliced Cucumber

Sakura Roll $15.50
Yellowtail, Cilantro, Jalapeno, Onion Topped with Albacore, Avocado & Yuzu Tobiko

Spider Roll $11.00
Soft Shell Crab, Cucumber, Avocado, Kaiware (sprouts), Masago (smelt roe), Krab

Dragon Roll $15.50
California Roll topped with Eel

Super Crunchy Roll $12.50
Choice of Spicy Tuna or Salmon with spicy mayo, crunchy (tempura flakes) topped w/Shrimp

Half Baked Roll $14.50
A California Roll topped with Baked Fish in a Spicy Mayo mixture and Masago (smelt roe) Requires a 15 min Cook Time.

Rainbow Roll $15.50
A California Roll Topped with an assortment of 5 Slices of Fish

69 Roll $15.50
Tempura Shrimp Topped with Spicy Scallop, Krab, Masago (smelt roe) & Wasabi Tobiko (flying fish roe)

Firecracker Roll $16.50
Tuna, Salmon, Avocado, Cream Cheese, Krab, tempura fried and served with Peanut Sauce & Spicy Mayo on Side (10 min Prep Time!!!)


Sushi Combo $22.50
8 pieces Sushi & a California Roll

Sashimi Combo $25.50
Assortment of Fresh Sliced Fish

Sushi & Sashimi Combo $32.50
A California Roll, 5 pieces assorted Sushi & 7 pieces assorted Sashimi

*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, egg or unpasteurized juice may increase your risk of food borne illness.